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42 COUNTS Reviews

"Fantastic job of translating a traumatizing true story into an unnerving short horror film." - Horror Geek Life

"A chilling dramatization of invaded privacy..." - Bloody Disgusting

"An intense burst of suspense." - Pop Horror

"Confident and polished..." - F This Movie!

"It is a slick looking piece that uses what it has to the best of its ability." - Fear Forever

"Entertaining as well as topical, leaving viewers talking long after the credits roll." - Nightmarish Conjurings

"From the steady building of suspense to the brilliant color palette and framing, her (Jill) helming work is superb." - That's Not Current

"This is one of those films that could easily become a feature..." - Cinema Crazed

"Plays like a horror movie..." - In The Seats

"Well produced and is quite successful at building suspense..." - Sean Kelly On Movies

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