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THE STYLIST Screenings




October 29: THE STYLIST at Feminist Fight Fest in Lawrence, KS.
*Jill Gevargizian and Eric Havens in attendance

October 11-13:  Psychorama in Winchester, Virginia.

*Jill Gevargizian in attendance

August 17:  Slash n Bash Film Festival in Lawrence, Kansas.

February 24: Meme Pas Peur International Film Festival in Saint-Philippe, Réunion.

February 23: Escuela Cine Descartes in Chiapas, Mexico.

February 1-4: Women In Horror Month in Dublin, Ireland.


December 16: A Christmas Terror in Seymour, Connecticut.

November 5: Anatomy Film Festival in Athens, Greece.

November 4: Kansas International Film Festival in Overland Park, Kansas.

October 27Halloween Movie Marathon IV in Pleasantville, New York.

October 24Final Girls Film Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel

October 22Cambridge Film Festival in Cambridge, UK.

October 21: Tri-Cities International Film Festival in West Richland, Washington.


October 9: Scream Queen Film Festival Tour in Osaka, Japan.

October 7: Marietta Zombie Fest in Marietta, Ohio.

                     The Indie Horror Drive-in Film Festival in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.

October 6: Final Girls Tour in Innsbruck, Austria.


September 20: Philly Loves Fear in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

August 12: WorldCon in Helsinki, Finland. 

August 5: Model City Film Festival in Kingsport, Tennessee.

June 18: BUFF presents Dispatches from the Underground in Boston, Massachusetts. 


June 9-11: Final Girls Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.


May 6THE STYLIST at Crypticon in Seattle, Washington.

May 1: Born of a Woman at Slaughter Movie House in Kansas City, Missouri.

April 29: For Films Sake Festival in Sydney, Australia.

April 28: Born of a Woman at The Mayfair Theater in Ottawa, Canada.

April 26:  Born of a Woman at Cinedelphia Film Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

April 19: Born of a Woman + RAW in Schenectady, New York.

April 18: Born of a Woman at Cinema Politica in Montreal, Canada.


                 SEVEN + THE STYLIST at Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, Virginia.

April 8: THE EXORCIST + THE STYLIST in Topeka, Kansas

April 4-9: Kansas City Film Festival in Kansas City, Missouri.

April 1:  Twisted Dreams Fim Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


March 15-20:  Landshut Short Film Festival in Landshut, Germany.

March 2-5:  Green Bay Film Festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

February 26:  Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival in Vancouver, BC. 


​February 19:  United in Blood: Women in Horror Month Celebration in London, England.

February 18-26:  Scream Queen Film Fest Tour in Nagoya, Japan.

February 17:  Women in Horror Short Film Night in Bristol, England.


February 17:  Out on a WIHM: Celebrating Women in Horror in Arlington, Massachusettes. 


January 29:  Panic Fest in Kansas City, Missouri.

​January 26:  Dead of Winter Short Film Fest in Chicago, Illinois.

January 25-28:  Courts Mais Trash Festival in Brussels, Belgium. 


​January 19:  Murder City Carnivale of Cinema in Adelaide, Australia.



December 3:  Arts and Craft Beer Festival in Kansas City, Missouri.


​December 3:  Spooky Empire Film Festival in Orlando, Florida.


November 30:  Little Terrors in Toronto, Canada.


​November 27:  Monster Fest in Melbourne, Australia. *Australian Premiere.


​November 26:  Chinkolympics in Tokyo, Japan.


November 18:  Buried Alive! Film Festival  in Atlanta, Georgia. 


​November 11:  Shawna Shea Film Festival in Southbridge, Massachusetes.


November 6:  Morbido Film Festival in Mexico City, Mexico. *Mexican Premiere.


​November 5:  HorrorHaus Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.


November 5:  Outlaw Film Festival in St. Joseph, Missouri.


November 5:  Ax Wound Film Festival in Brattleboro, Vermont.


October 29:  Scream Queen Film Fest Tour in Singapore.


October 29:  Frightening Ass Film Fest in Chattanooga, Tennessee.​


October 29:  'Born of a Woman' Fantasia Program in New Orleans, Louisiana.


October 29:  Requiem Fear Fest in Montreal, Canada.


October 28:  Twin Cities Horror Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


October 26:  Terror on the Plains in Kansas City, Missouri.


October 24:  Fantastically Horrifying Cinema in Little Rock, Arkansas.


​October 25:  VHS Presentation of MAY in Kansas City, Missouri.


October 22:  Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio.


October 21:  Knoxville Horror Film Festival in Knoxville, KY.


October 20:  Monsters of Film in Stockholm, Sweden. 


October 20:  Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival in Puerto Rico.


October 20:  DedFest in Edmonton, Canada. 


October 16:  Telluride Horror Show in Telluride, Colorado.


October 16:  Scream in the Dark Film Festival in Omaha, Nebraska.


October 15:  Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York.


October 15:  Idaho Horror Film Festival in Boise, Idaho.


October 15:  Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham, United Kingdom.


October 13:  The Illuminaughty Club: The Halloween Show at The Liquor Rooms in Dublin, Ireland.


October 8:  Spooky Movie International Film Fest in Washington, DC.


October 8:  NEW Horror Film Fest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


October 7:  Slash & Bash Film Festival in Topeka, Kansas.


October 5:  Frankenstein Created Bikers Road Show at Club David in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


October 1:  Fright Night Theater Film Fest in Hamilton, Ontario.


October 1:  Halloweenapalooza in Ottumwa, Iowa. 


September 24 & 27:  Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. *


September 25:  NOLA Horror Film Fest in New Orleans, Louisiana.


​​September 24:  Chicago Horror Film Festival in Chicago, Illinois.


September 16:  Etheria Film Night in Kansas City. *Hometown premiere. 


September 16:  Rome International Film Festival in Rome, Georgia.


September 10:  HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana.


September 3:  Etheria Tour at Days of the Dead in Louisville, Kentucky.


August 31:  Indie SINsations in Shelbyville, IN at The Skyline Drive-In.


August 28Starburst International Film Festival in Manchester, United Kingdom.


​August 27:  Fright Fest in London, United Kingdom. *UK Premiere.


​July 30: Tokyo Blitz Film Festival *Japanese Premiere


July 30Etheria Tour at Midsummer Scream in Long Beach, California.


July 30: Terror Nova in St. John's, Newfoundland.


July 23, 2016:  Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Canada.  *International Premiere 


June 25, 2016:  Etheria Tour at Days of the Dead Indianapolis.


June 18, 2016:  FilmQuest in Sandy, Utah.


June 11, 2016:  Etheria Film Night at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, California.  *World Premiere

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